More than half of Trump voters want red states to secede. Biden voters aren’t far behind.

August 2021

Before Republicans whip themselves into a frenzy calling for Biden’s head, let’s remember how Afghanistan became a case study in Murphy’s Law.
First gradually, then suddenly
The infrastructure bill’s bipartisan support didn’t come cheap.

July 2021

The point isn't what the thing looks like. It’s what it is.
The White House’s well-intentioned war on social media misinformation sets a dangerous precedent—and targets the wrong villain
Anti-vaxxers, climate change, and how the most powerful nation in the history of the planet is killing itself through willful ignorance

June 2021

The 2024 primary has already begun, and it's worse than you think
The same Congress that made Juneteenth a holiday won't lift a finger to actually help Black people—even to protect their right to vote.
And what it tells us about the effort to undermine elections.

May 2021

The right to choose will soon depend on Brett Kavanaugh, known respecter of women’s autonomy
Published May 17, 2021: You can learn a lot about modern politics by what Republicans tolerate—and what they don’t