“A republic, not a democracy,” and other lies that serve the status quo
A shrinking, fiercely ideological party is clinging to power no matter the cost. Buckle up.
This election is a test. If we fail, we might not get another chance.
Either Amy Coney Barrett understands why Trump picked her, or she doesn't. I'm not sure which is worse.
Pack the courts. End the filibuster. Give DC statehood. Shut down the Senate. But don't think you can shame Mitch McConnell into doing the right thing.
It’s unlikely the next threat to liberal democracy will look like the last.
Whether he realizes it or not, Trump has ripped a page from the fascist playbook.
Policy is hard. Demagoguing is easy. Fear is effective.
In 2004, we got a vision. In 2020, a warning.
A republic, if it’s even worth keeping anymore
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Expect the worst, and a lot of it